Shamanic Tools for Ritual, Ceremony and Sacred Spaces


In our Ceremonial Shop you will find everything that you will need to create beautiful and powerful Rituals and Ceremonial Spaces, either for yourself at home or for your groups.

Our items are sourced ethically from local communities and crafts people.

The weavings arrive to you from my family in the High Andean Communities of Peru. Each one is unique and precious and tells an Ancestral story as old as time. They take many months to create, from raising the Alpackas (the weavings are 100% Alpacka wool) then hand spinning and dying the wool with natural plant dyes and then they are woven using a back strap loom.

Sacred Chocolate Ceremonial Cacao 'Paititi Chuncho'

WHAT MAKES CHOCOLATE SACRED?When it comes to using Cacao for Ceremony and... 

Mesa Cloths

The Mesa is the Ancient Andean tradition of the ‘Portable Altar’ central... 

Chumpi Belts

Chumpis are ‘belts’ of energy that surround each one of our energy... 


When it comes to using Cacao for Ceremony and Ritual, the type of Cacao you use is of utmost importance. There are many different forms of Cacao out there, but for Ceremony there are a few special things to look out for. 

Firstly, the Cacao should come as paste - sometimes called Cacao liquor. This unrefined paste is made simply by grinding the Cacao Beans and stopping before the butter (white fat) and powder (brown powder) seperate.

Secondly - the best Ceremonial Cacao should be from the heirloom Criollo bean - a native species of Cacao. 

Thirdly - and perhaps most importantly - it should be Organically and Sustainably Grown where local Indigenous growers and communities are supported, ethically and generously.




Our Ceremonial Cacao, ‘Paititi Chuncho’ derives its name from the Ancient Incan legend of the Andes Mountains that speak of a mythical Golden City home to an Awakened civilisation. Some believe it be hidden in the depths of the jungle, some believe it to be purely a legend, while others know it is definitely not a mythical place.. at the very least the portal to reach Paititi resides right here in your Heart and can be accessed through the heart expanding Medicine of Mama Cacao.

‘Chuncho’ is the name given in the high Andean jungles to native, wild crafted Criolo Cacao beans. This area is home to countless temples believed to be the last refuge of the Inca.

Paititi Chuncho arrives to us from these Golden Temples of Peru, home to a particular frequency of Cacao that has the ability to open our hearts to manifesting our dreams & an awakened humanity.

Welcome to Paititi. We hope you Injoy our Chuncho!




Enjoy a FREE Masterclass to learn how to work with the Medicine of Cacao. In this workshop you will be gifted with access to:

- A Recipe and Ritual Guide

- A Video Masterclass on how to brew and program your cacao as powerful medicine.

- A Mini Guided Ceremony to call in the spirit of cacao.