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Welcome to our Ceremonial Shop

In our Ceremonial Shop you will find everything that you will need to create beautiful and powerful Rituals and Ceremonial Spaces, either for yourself at home or for your groups.

Our items are sourced ethically from local communities and crafts people.

The weavings arrive to you from my family in the High Andean Communities of Peru. Each one is unique and precious and tells an Ancestral story as old as time. They take many months to create, from raising the Alpackas (the weavings are 100% Alpacka wool) then hand spinning and dying the wool with natural plant dyes and then they are woven using a back strap loom.

I have received so much from the wisdom and the people of this great land - it is my honour and pleasure to share these special items and their medicine here, with you.

All of our prices on our shop are in AUD.

Paititi Chuncho Ceremonial Cacao

Huatana Ties

Mesa Cloths

Smudge Tools and Smudge Tool Kits



Free Masterclass: Brewing Your Sacred Cacao