Collection: Sacred Chocolate Ceremonial Cacao 'Paititi Chuncho'

When it comes to using Cacao for Ceremony and Ritual, the type of Cacao you use is of utmost importance. There are many different forms of Cacao out there, but for Ceremony there are a few special things to look out for.

Firstly, the Cacao should come as paste - sometimes called Cacao liquor. This unrefined paste is made simply by grinding the Cacao Beans and stopping before the butter (white fat) and powder (brown powder) separate.

Secondly - the best Ceremonial Cacao should be from the heirloom Criollo bean - a native species of Cacao.

Thirdly - and perhaps most importantly - it should be Organically and Sustainably Grown where local Indigenous growers and communities are supported, ethically and generously.

Here’s why our Sacred Chocolate Ceremonial Cacao is called ‘Paititi Chuncho’..

Paititi is the Awakened City of Gold spoken about in Incan mythology- although those of us in the know - know it is definitely not a myth.. at the very least it resides right here in your Heart.

‘Chuncho’ is the name given in the high Andean jungle to native, wild crafted Cacao. Paititi Chuncho arrives to us from what I feel is my Motherland and home to a particular frequency of Cacao - in the high jungles of Peru.

I have been privileged to work with some of the finest Cacao on the planet in Ceremony, and for me, THIS Cacao is by far the BEST. Its potency, high vibrational frequency, taste, texture and Clarity of Spirit is unsurpassed.

It is my honour and pleasure to be able to share this Gift from the Gods with you.