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Anchoring the Light

Chumpi Stones

Chumpi Stones

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 Chumpi stones are a set of ceremonial stones traditionally used by the Andean shamans or healers known as paqos in the Andean region, particularly in Peru. These stones hold cultural and spiritual significance and are used in various rituals and healing practices.

During ceremonies, paqos may place Chumpi stones on or around the body, aligning them with specific energy points or meridians to remove energetic blockages, restore harmony, and promote well-being. The stones may also be used in divination practices or to create protective energy fields.

Chumpi stones are sacred objects and are often passed down through generations within Andean communities. They are an integral part of Andean spiritual traditions and continue to be used in contemporary healing practices. 

These stones have some from the communities in Peru, while they all hold the same symbols, they are all handmade and unique, their imperfections are what make them authentic and perfect.

Using these stones intuitively holds equal power. While they come from a tradition, different lineages have unique approaches to their use. Use and trust your intuition when working with them.

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