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Anchoring the Light

Ceremonial Cacao + Palo Santo + Huatana Tie Bundle 300g

Ceremonial Cacao + Palo Santo + Huatana Tie Bundle 300g

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- 300g Sacred Chocolate Paititi Chuncho Ceremonial Cacao
- Palo Santo
- Huatana tie


Palo Santo translates to  'Holy Wood', it is a traditional incense tree of Peru, where it has been used since pre Incan times in healing rituals and ceremonies.

It is used for purification, protection, transforming heavy energies into Light. It will clear, cleanse, harmonise and bring sweetness to any process. It is a powerful tool for meditation, divination and for creating Sacred Space.

The unique sweet woody fragrance is uplifting and entrancing as well as centering and can help the practitioner to attune to the spiritual energy field of Pachamama.

Our wood is sustainably harvested from fallen trees that carry the most sweet, intense and intoxicating oils and healing properties.

Huatana ties of all shapes and sizes are woven with symbols of a story representing the journey of our kapac ñan - or our personal Sacred path. The white beads on the Huatana represents the Chaska’s or the Stars - our Divine origins and Cosmic Ancestors that guide and protect us on our journey through life.

This small to medium huatana tie can be worn as amulets for your wrist, to wear like a bracelet or tied to your instruments for protection, guidance on your path, as a charm for peace, harmony and abundance. 

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