Collection: Mesa Cloths

The Mesa is the Ancient Andean tradition of the ‘Portable Altar’ central to all Ritual and Ceremony. The cloths are used to house Sacred items - stones, crystals, shells and metals that are used in powerful healing rituals.
‘Mesa’ translates directly to ‘table’. Our work with the Mesa calls on the highest beings of light to ‘the table’ to assist us in anything we need for our healing work. The cloths are also used as Altar cloths for your home altar or for your Ceremonies.

They are traditionally woven from hand grown, hand spun and hand dyed Alpacka wool and each cloth carry’s the weaving of a story. Ancient symbols of the lineages of different High Andean communities that call forth the guidance, protection and wisdom of the Ancestors, our Apu’s (Mountains) Pachamama (Mother Earth) and her powerful ally spirits and elemental forces and the Celestial and Cosmic realms.

These precious cloths are hand woven and take months to create. They are a Sacred item you will carry with you forever or pass on as a gift of your lineage.