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Anchoring the Light

Tawa Mesa Cloth #5

Tawa Mesa Cloth #5

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The name ‘Tawa’ comes from the term ‘Tawantin Suyu’ which means the 4 Sacred directions of North, South, East and West.

In ancient times and still now in the Andes, the people are very aware of where they exist in time and space.

Each direction acts like a gateway or a portal to all of the energies of both the seen and unseen worlds.

There is enormous support, guidance, abundance, strength, joy, love, direction, wisdom, purpose, vitality and MORE always arriving to us from the gateways, and so the guardians of these directions are consulted and communed with as a regular part of life.

Becoming conscious of them kind of ‘switches’ the magic on.

These very traditional cloths are woven with Alpacka wool originating from the brown, white and black alpackas. Each one has their own symbolism and meaning.

The Tawa cloth is a wonderful and powerful addition to any stationary altar, as an inner cloth for the larger Mesa Cloths or to be used on its own to wrap a smaller Mesa or Medicine bundle.

43cm x 43cm


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