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Anchoring the Light

Ceremonial Cacao + Smudge Bundle 300g

Ceremonial Cacao + Smudge Bundle 300g

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- Ceremonial Cacao 300g
Abalone shell to burn your smudge in (represents the element of water)
- Sage bundle 
- Palo Santo x 3


Our Cacao is sourced from the jungles of Peru. We trust in the quality and integrity of this Ceremonial Criollo Bean Cacao. As I work for half of my year in Peru, I choose to use the Medicine that is native to the land I am so deeply connected to in Ceremony.


Palo Santo translates to  'Holy Wood', it is a traditional incense tree of Peru, where it has been used since pre Incan times in healing rituals and ceremonies.

It is used for purification, protection, transforming heavy energies into Light. It will clear, cleanse, harmonise and bring sweetness to any process. It is a powerful tool for meditation, divination and for creating Sacred Space.

The unique sweet woody fragrance is uplifting and entrancing as well as centering and can help the practitioner to attune to the spiritual energy field of Pachamama.

Our wood is sustainably harvested from fallen trees that carry the most sweet, intense and intoxicating oils and healing properties.


Sage is a powerfully protective and cleansing herb that can be used to purify a Sacred space or ritual tools.

It effortlessly transforms the heaviest energies into Light and acts as a carrier of our prayers to Spirit - connecting us with the ancestors and grounding us into our Morther Earth.

Sage protects the astral body and can be burnt as incense for protection during spirit journeys or for divination practices.

It is a perfect tool to be used in a group setting to cleanse, clear, prepare and protect participants when used in Ceremony.

Our Sage is sustainably harvested protecting this Sacred Medicine and ensuring it’s available for generations to come.


These beautiful shells arrive to us from Mama Cocha (the great Mother Ocean) and symbolise the element of water.

When used with a burning smudge tool such as Sage or Palo Santo - the Shell represents the fluid cooling, cleansing and purifying properties of the Sacred waters of our planet and within. As well as the Sacred origins of all life - which emerged from the depths of the Oceans.

The fluid element of ‘Water’ balances and harmonises the grounding element  of ‘Earth’ which is the herb or incense itself. The transformational element of ‘fire’ is the flame that lights the smudge, and the liberating element of ‘air’ is represented by the Sacred Smoke that brings lightness to a heavy heart and carry’s  our prayers to Great Spirit on a feather or with your breath.


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